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Version: v1.0.0
File size: 98KB
File Type: ZIP
Date Posted: 16/12/2006
Language: English, Arabic.
Version: v1.0.0
File size: 98KB
File Type: ZIP
Date Posted: 16/12/2006
Language: English, Arabic.

What is Wateen NOON

NOON is a free mobile application that helps the students to manage their courses and grades according to the student's major course plan along with password protected data security, it helps the student to calculate the GPA and CGPA for current and future semesters. Also, it enables the students to keep thier courses schedule including the course's times, days and classrooms.


User Features:
  • Add, delete semesters, or update existing semester's information, these information include semester's year and season.
  • Set current semester, for use in GPA, CGPA calculations, and Schedule.
  • Manage semester courses by adding courses from course plan, deleting, or updating course's midterm and final marks.
  • Calculate a semester's GPA, and CGPA according to a current semester .
  • Manage student's study plan courses by adding, deleting, or updating the course's information, these information include course's number and name.
  • Manage current semester's schedule by setting course's working days, timings, and classrooms.
  • Display the schedule of a selected course or, display the overall schedule by courses, or by working days.
  • Calculate the required GPA in next semester, for a student to reach a specific CGPA.
  • Calculate the CGPA that a student will obtain after next semester, according to an expected GPA in the next semester.
  • Contains full user help for every part in the application (only in Full Edition). 
  • All these features are free.
Technical Features:
  • Development platform:
    • Java Mobile application (J2ME).
    • CLDC 1.0.
    • MIDP 1.0.
  • Ability to easily support any new grading system.
  • Building of a package to support missing floating point operations.
  • Ability to support additional languages.
  • Building a Record Management system.
  • Full Object-Oriented application.

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